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I’m not saying that I keep rewatching this fucking trailer for Jack unlocking his gun (is that the proper phrase even) 



I do


Jack Bauer



that is all.

That’s called working the slide, it inserts a bullet into the chamber from the clip lol the slide works automatically every time you fire and inserts the next round into the chamber and ejects the shell but the first one has to be loaded manually.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of trail cam deer

As a hunter that enjoys watching the deer far more than harvesting them I can tell you they are very playful and silly animals xD

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I can tell Game of Thrones is back, I can hear my parents watching it downstairs and I hear nothing but horrible bloody carnage as I sit here making ghastly faces at the sound of what I can only guess is people getting their guts spilled.

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I think Lynnrd Skynnrd’s overrated. I know you’re in Boyd’s pocket.

~ Raylan Givens, Justified. My favourite line in the episode “Foot Chase”. (via madmaninachair)

Not a fan of this band but damn is this grossly misspelled.

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Been one of them days

I’m sitting here applying for fucking cashier jobs and I’ll graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design in May, something I worked for six years to get. This should be a fucking crime, no one will hire me straight out of college. How am I supposed to get this experience you demand if you won’t even give me the goddamn chance?! I just feel like I’ve wasted my life on a degree I can’t do anything with, honestly I can’t think of one good thing that has ever happened to me because I can fucking draw. Honestly I’m not so sure I can even draw anymore, as soon as I send testimonials to “clients” trying my damnedest to make a little money freelancing they instantly cut all communication and I never hear from them again. My work must be shit. The fuck am I supposed to do now … 

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I need to convince my friend that it’s okay for girls to play male characters on RP. Reblog if you agree!



Yo both my OC’s are dudes!

Pffffft. I RP dudes almost exclusively.

(Mind you, this is for the purpose of gay sex, so I’m not sure I set a good prerogative….)

I have eight characters, only one is a woman and she may as well be a man xD

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That sickening feeling you get when that perfect job you wanted suddenly vanishes from the job site you saw it on … I feel another impending panic attack.

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Disney’s Walking Dead

by Kasami-Sensei

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I’m just really genuinely happy about the existence of Dickie Bennett.

He is one of my favorite characters I was so excited when Jeremy Davies’ name popped up in the opening credits, like way too excited!